Modding help required please

I’m trying to make a simple mod that adds additional craftable items to the weaver. I’ve used the main Stonehearth mod and Froggy’s cooking mod as well as others as reference for what I would need to change.

I’ve got as far as having the items created, I can place them using the debug tools and I’ve made recipes and used the mixintos in my manifest to try and get the recipes into the weaver’s recipe list - I think this is where I’ve gone wrong.

In my test save, as soon as I assign a worker to the weaver the game crashes. The only line in the log that looks suspicious is: “unrecognized object type ‘boxed’ in json_to_lua!”.

Here’s the log: stonehearth.log (16.4 KB)

I’m using this save to test. (3.4 MB)

This is the zip of my mod as it stands. (119.3 KB)

Any help here would be great, I’m at a loss as I can’t see what is causing the crash. Thanks!

You need to remove the mixin in your recipes.json. The mixinto injects your recipes into the recipes list from the stonehearth weaver, so you were trying to inject something into itself by having that mixin there (probably creating a circular dependency or something).

Remove this line from the recipes.json of your mod:

"mixins": "/stonehearth/jobs/weaver/recipes/recipes.json",

This will make it not crash, but your recipes are still wrong. In the “produces” section of each recipe, you need to prefix the alias of your items by the namespace of your mod plus a colon, like this:

"produces": [
         "item": "more_carpets:red_carpet_3way"

Amazing, thanks @Relyss, would not have spotted that without your help.