Custome models are sideways

hey guys, overriding the goblin model with something new and everything is working fine except that the model is sideways. Anythoughts, can anyeone confirm what the quibicle export settings are these days?


  • Compression : un - checked
  • Z-axis option : ‘Right handed’
  • VisibilityMaskEncoding : checked
  • Color Format : RGBA

Your model is sideways because of z-axis orientation.

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Cheers turns out I had rotated the model in quibicle so the side was the front. Still getting used to version 2 I guess as it seems when I export it, it is auto rotating it. Trying to solve the problem now.

It just appears like it’s auto rotating. Your models axises don’t match with Qubicles cause you modeled sideways, the result appears like rotation when you export. You should have to just remodel it, match your front with Qubicle’s front and you should be good.

Sneaky, double export ;), good thinking

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Found a work around of exporting the export, this aligns it properly. Ill check Thanks for the help