Goblins? nahhh welcome to CatManDooDoo

Let me start by saying I don’t have a clue as to what I am doing.
With that said I’m having a blast doing it.
I started with this.

And ended with this.


Ohh great start. Time to get animating

And the “Best Thread Title Of All time” Award goes to . . .


I like the devil picture.
For the CatManDooDoo ingame it might need some work :blush:

If I may be free to give some basic directions.
Your matrix in qubicle need to be in the exact same spot as the goblin is. The place does matter.
Also make sure you export z-axis: right handed. This is the standard that Radiant uses.

If you need some more, feel free to ask. Otherwise I can only applaud you for just jumping head first :smile:


thanks for the info and i forgot about the z-axis. time to go break things again :smiley:

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