Extra voxels and not showing in inventory

I was woundering if there was a way to prevent SH from adding extra voxels onto outfits and also why the outfit isnt showing in the Hearthlings inventory.

I probably made a small mistake please help xD

You probably have some mistake in your json for the outfit.
This is part of the json for the Crusader outfit, for example (ignore the “combat:armor_data” part) :

Do you have the “layer” : “clothing”, and “transparent” : “false” parts?
Which “render_type” did you use on “stonehearth:equipment_piece”?

The fact that it doesn’t appear on the UI I think it could be due to wrong stonehearth:catalog properties, but I’m not sure.

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Ok sweet the transparent tags fixe the issue now, Imn curious as to how the rayyas children worker outfit didn’t have this issue since it doesn’t have a description or display_name.
here is what I got atm

It’s thanks to the mixin on the first line. Is it showing for you now on the UI?

no thats why Im still confused xD

Is worke_outfit.png a valid file?

Can you post what it should be here?