Floating footman outfit? Dafuq?

Hi all, strange question today:
My mod has a custom outfit for fighters, and this function has worked for a week or so now.
Suddenly while testing yesterday I noticed a strange phenomenon:

Theywear their outfit exploded-view style.

Their feet are on both sides of their feet, same with the gauntlets and shoulders.

So it’s not just a simple miss alignments, because the body and legs are on the right spot…

Any clue what can cause this?

pic to show the problem,
and current mod on github

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We optimized the models in this last build, to get rid of negative space and save in file size, which might have affected old mods.

There’s an option in Qubicle to “Optimize size” which will reduce each matrix/layer to be as big as the voxels inside it. Not sure right now about the other voxel programs, but it should be solvable one way or another. :thinking:

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ah, that must be it, because i put another armour model in its place and it did the same thing.

so a step by step to solve the conundrum might be good? i cant image me being the only one to have the issue…footman_outfitfootman_outfit.qb (1.5 MB)

current outfit that i was using and worked till recently

edit and im using qubicle so that shouldnt be an issue for me @ other editors
edit 2: i think i found it, select all and hit optimize under favorites? (looks like a square empty box with four arrows poitning inwars from its corners?

edit 3: yep optimise button fixes it.

It’s strange, because I think I saw this issue for an outdated cookmod, but when I tested with my Crusader mod the armor stayed in the correct place without needing to reexport :thinking:

Will have to test again in another computer. Edit: yes, that’s the option for optimizing.

By the way, you just want to change the footman outfit for your nordlings, right?
What if instead of mixinto it in the jobs index, you only mixinto the footman_description.json file, changing the model?

Or do you plan on changing other properties of your footmen in the future?

I have a feeling that your doubled armor might be caused by so many mixins referencing the stonehearth files (but I could be wrong) :thinking:

well the idea was just to to change the name, and the outfit yes. but to change the name you need to point at dublicate abillities because the abillity names are named in the abillities. (because otherwise if you mouse over the abillities it still says footman, not huskarl, for instance) so thats why i have all the abillity stuff in there. there is probably stuff that can be trimmed but i honest dont know why it still loads up the default footman outfit under mine…

but yeah the change the outgit thing is giving me a headache :stuck_out_tongue: so any hints/tips would be welcome

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the stupid thing is: normal worker outfits worked fine. and those arent optimised on my end…
so why it complaiend about the footman -shrug-

(optimising the footmans outfit worked btw)

also important note: when i optimse the worker outfits, they STOP being correct. left foot is animated on right foots location and the reverse for arms. sooo yeah… issues.
it’d be nice to get it to work though, saves about a megabite per outfit…|
Edit: i might be able to fix that by saving them left hand side instead of right? ill test a bit

I wonder if the normal worker outfits are not optimized on the stonehearth mod, then.

So I guess only optimize the ones that look broken for you, for the moment :thinking:

Don’t think the left/right hand export will make it better, but you can give it a try, yes.

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just looked into regular stonehearth, seems optimsed to me, has the same names for bones as i got and everything

also, no, left hand side just turned my hearthligns into a bunch of streakers…
but with right hand side you get this:

the only actual difference i can find is the “pivot” value in my outfit compared to the default, what does that actually do? (never touched it)worker_outfit.qb (1.5 MB)

if you want to experiment whats causing the flaw in the conversion process: my un-optimised file

edit: tried it with all pivots set to 0.5 like the default autfit, no change.

I had the same problem with my fisher.
For voxelshop users, instead of using the option “use bounding box as matrix” and unchecking the “use origin as zero” (which mimics the export of qublicle exactly) you will need to invert it, uncheck the bounding box and check the origin at zero.

This was how I actually exported all my models, except equips, because it would look like exploded when attached to a model (hearthling) that was not using the same export settings. The fisher outfit model was basically half of my mod space, they were by far the biggest files. Now I can finally return them to a few kb in size. :slight_smile:

well at least that solves it for the voxelshop users :stuck_out_tongue:
not just to figure out how to fix it in cubicle because its quite anoying.
any ideas @Relyss ?

So that’s why my female hearthlings’ outfits are out of place. But my male outfits and also my custom outfits are just fine :confused:

Didn’t you just figured it out a few posts above?

@Stmpnk And I had just re-exported everything (goblins, hairs, armor) to be like qubicle… Now to revert everything again… So much time wasted lol

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@BrunoSupremo lol it’s a good thing I don’t have anymore armors to submit to the team, it will just add to your work load :smile:~

no that only worked for my footmans armour
but when i did the exact same thing with the workers outfit it put the left shoulder on the location of the right one and the right one on the location of the left one, same with the feet…

Send your file for us to take a look

both versions, the “normal” one is the un-optimsed one
worker_outfit.qb (1.5 MB)

worker_outfit_optimised.qb (10.1 KB)

the optimised one is the one that acts oddly