Help me obi one kenobi, you are my only hope (footman mod problem)

Long story short:
current mod: nordlingmod, the sequal to my vikingmod (basicly turning that stuff+additions into a race)

current state: it works.
custom flag, quests work* (minimal testing, havent tested tier 2-3)
items work. custom clothing.

want to re-name footman Huskarl and Knight Einherjar.
succes rate? marginal. the names seem to have worked, but the abilities did not. see mod file enclosed (1.1 MB)

i -think- something went wrong with the overwriting in the footman and knight description files in the /data/jobs/footman or knight folders
problem is, i dont know what i did wrong.

could someone take a look and help me out? its the one thing stopping me from a preliminary release.

You are not replacing the abilities names. You are adding new ones and it is missing a lot of data required.

"perks": [ is opening an array. So when you try to mixinto it, it adds a new item, it will not replace like you want.

Either you use the mixintype to overwrite that piece, or you do not import “mixins”: “stonehearth:jobs:footman”, into your modded footman. This way it will not have any of the old perks, you can simple readd them with your new text instead.


the idea was indeed to overwrite parts of that array, is that possible, and if yes, what should i change -exactly- about it? (i suck at arrays so far)

Edit: @OwlGo is helping but we haven’t got the solution yet.
Do you have a specific example on how this should be done @BrunoSupremo?

Hello, after adding the needed info for the buffs I think he has to remove

“mixins”: “stonehearth:jobs:footman”

because when adding a
“mixintypes”: {“tag”: “override”} <-- this makes the stonehearth:jobs:footman override the modified tag

“mixintypes”: {“tag”: “remove”} <— this removes both stonehearth and modded

and doing nothing gives the footman buffs from both stonehearth and mod

I have a question. So does this mean that while using “mixins” the “mixintypes” will act as if the mixins file is the “secondary”
while using “mixintos” this function is reversed?

This will import the entire file to your new file. It is like you copied the contents from one to the other.

Then this has the power to override (or remove) something that was imported. For cases like this where you can’t simple replace one string with another through mixintos.