Job exclusive to kingdom graphic issue

i’m trying to make some jobs exclusive to my custom kingdom but i can’t make the abilities to show up in the interface:

  • Job interface
  • Heartling abilities tab


The abilities buffs work but the icons are not there… (red)
The buff icons at the side of the heartling works (green/blue)

i changed the mixins:job:index into the manifest and this works but also makes the job available to the ascendancy and rayyas (that’s what i want to avoid)

i believe that those icons are being loaded from the stonehearth manifest only. Sadly i can’t prove it so i’m not 100% sure of it :sweat:


Hello I was having the same issue. Are you renaming the footman or making a whole new footman?

Because I was just renaming it would keep loading the stonehearth alias(not what’s happening to you) but when I tried to make it it’s own class, with everything custom, then it would give buffs but not show abilities(what’s happening to you). I think @max99x told me that one of the services use the main job index only.

So I’m guessing a hacky way around might be to have 2 description files for your custom classes.
In such, one will set the enabled tag to false and act as a definition for the class
the other one that mixins the first and sets the enabled to True.
You will also need 2 job index one that mixinto default job index and the other that mixins from default that your kingdom uses.

Ps. For my issue, renaming class abilities,
I hotload a manifest if the kingdom is selected and mix my en.json to the stonehearth one
[I feel that this is pretty dirty and shouldn’t be done xD]

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This is my footman/knight issue isn’t it owl?
The way the abilities are named is terribly inconvenient, that’s for sure…

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@Wouter_Sikkema yes sir XD might as well try to help everyone with the issue.

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Instead of adding your job to the overall job index, at it to a custom index, and make your kingdom load that new index instead. This way it will not appear in the other kingdoms.

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@BrunoSupremo that requires a lua file to load the job index right?

No, at your kingdom json, there is a field where you set a job index, so you can set your own. Then on your job index you add only the jobs you want (your newly created and/or vanilla)

i did that and the abilities icons are missing :sob:
it’s only cosmetic so no serious problem btw

If you have a new kingdom, with its own job index (that is not a mixin or importing from the common index) and in it you have your own job (also not a mixin from a common other job), then you just go into your perks at the job json and edit them there. There are fields for names and icons.

@OwlGo managed to fix it on my end but I don’t fully understand the arcane method he did it with, maybe he can give a hint?

@Wouter_Sikkema with your and the dark wizard permission, may i see what he did? i don’t know if i’m missing something.
i have the job_description json with all the perks and it works with the job_index in the mixintos but not in the kingdom

Hello. I copied the code from rayyas children. And adjusted it to be a new manifest and @Wouter_Sikkemas kingdom.
But if you are not building it off an existing job Bruno believes you can do it without any of this

then i think i should keep trying and breaking stuff :laughing:

thank you all
i will report back if i make any progress

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