Custom base_job is ignored

If you set a new base_job in your kingdom to replace the stonehearth:jobs:worker, it does not work.

In the function PopulationFaction:generate_starting_citizen(options) it can accept in the argument a custom job, but callers are not passing one to that function.

Did you add “base_job”: “yourbasejoburi” to the kingdom’s job index file?

No, just in the kingdom description. I will try that now. Should be at the same level as jobs:{}?

Edit: Thanks, that was it. When I saw the lua files I thought it was in the kingdom description only.

Cool, glad it worked! You actually don’t need it in your kingdom file, just the job index

I added a note in the modding guide: Kingdoms
Where we add the job index URI, “We can add a “base_job” field to the jobs index…”. The property goes in the jobs index, not the kingdom file, as Linda pointed out.

I also added the other properties that were added recently per modder requests, like the camp standard and camp hearth.