New jobs in new kingdoms issues

Hi, i’m creating this post to list the errors i’m having with my mod and related to new jobs.

This only happens if the job_index is mixed in the population json file.
if the job_index is in the manifest then every race will have the changes

  1. Worker job can’t be changed for kingdom only:
    I have found that this breaks the engine as the starting party job assignment fails to give them the new job.
    i have no error description for this as i have found it a couple of weeks ago

  2. New jobs traits/abilities missing:
    This is only an interfase error as the buffs icons are shown next to the selected character portrait
    Those icons are there when the jobs_index is in the manifest.

  3. Job level requisites for quests:
    In this case i have checked the js code for the validation(the lv 3 knight and footman of the honor campaign) and found that the new job is not listed in the possible values.
    The jobs added with the job_index in the manifest are included in the validation

Nothing else right now.
In case someone knows other issues related or have found a way to fix them i’m all ears :wink:

Sorry for my grammar and the post category if it’s in the wrong place

Post your mod to check the files.

To change the starting job, the only way is to customize the worker.

The job basics is this:

In your manifest, you should have an alias pointing to the job json description, and the job lua controller at the controller section.
You must have a job index with your job in it.
If you want your job to be available in general, you must also mixinto your job index to the game default job index.
If you want it only for a kingdom, you must add it to your kingdom json

yup, i did that.
the problem was that i wanted to create a new one, not modify the worker (not possible afaik…)

You can change basically anything in it though. Images, descriptions, levels, abilities, etc…

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populusque_romanus_incomplete.smod (3.7 MB)

  • Incomplete
  • Unpolished
  • Maybe lots of junk files
  • Probably heavier than necessary
  • WIP by a 0 experience modder…

Disclaimer: use/ download under your own risk :sweat_smile:

Aside from an extra comma at the job index and a few empty perks at the jobs perks, I found nothing wrong in it. Being a modded job is not the problem, I tried with my fisher and it worked fine:

@BrunoSupremo your fisher’s job index is in the manifest or in the kingdom population .json?
with mine in the manifest it also works but not so as a kingdom exclusive job

Oh, right. Let me check what happens if it is a kingdom exclusive job.
Yes, it does not work. Even when using Rayya, so it is not your kingdom only that has this problem.
Should be a bug, make a report.