Can someone help me with creating new model of armor/outfit for my Heartling

i try to make some model but my model armor not attach to my heartling body, my model not have animation

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What did you use to make the model?


Would you mind uploading it? I could help fix it for you.

Your armor model should have matrix/layers with names that also match the name of a specific body part of the hearthling :slight_smile:.

EDIT: Kitty to the rescue! :smile:

voxelshop for my model

wait i upload to you for fix

KOB.qb (26.8 KB)

can you help me with this, i want my squad wear with and red armor


please help me with this

At a glance, your model looks like it should be okay. May I have the json files you’re using to add it?

KOB.smod (14.4 KB)

this is all file, fix it for me please :disappointed_relieved:

if you dont mind, can you teach me also how to make armor model and animation

Okay, I realize I didn’t think of this initially; while your model looks fine, I didn’t think to mention the export settings.

The first box (Use Compression) should NOT be checked
If you have that box on, it makes everything go wrong

this my setting, or something i should do?

Try turning on the last option?

z axis orientation? this option you mean? :thinking:

Yes. Give it a try, see if that helps any.
I’ve changed my settings a few times, so I don’t recall exactly which changes did what anymore :innocent:


thank for help, now my squad have a complete set, i appreciete it you will help me

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Very welcome! So it was the z-axis? Good to know :slight_smile:
I’m so happy it all worked out for you!