Need help with updating my mod

so I tried to update a very old mod (I think it was around A12 or something). Anyways I tried to make it work again and failed. When I place the armor with the debug tools it is visible but gets completly ignored by all hearthlings. Could anyone help me, please? :slight_smile:


Thats normal, even in stock Stonehearth, I can’t get them to pick up the armor, I honestly dont have a fix for ya, but he happy to know you don’t need mods to do this :joy:

Edit, this mod looks amazing, is it up for download?

not true actually, hearthlings like soldiers should pick up items just like normal, even put them in correct stockpiles, i’ll try looking into the mod

i think i found the reason, perhaps you didn’t spawn them as an iconic? they picked up the items just fine in my play and ignored them when it wasn’t in iconic

the item’s iconic (item form) is not the full set it’s a small version of the item

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Thank you, that was it. As often it turns out, that the problem was about 40cm in front of the PC. :sweat_smile: