I Really want to know answers to these questions:


So i started playing stonehearth like 3 or 2 days ago, i started mining, and i noticed that hearthlings dont collect ores like iron, gold, raw diamonds, raw obsidian, etc. i did everything, tried to loot them (clicking on that gold coin icon) or just leading my hearthlings there, still, they dont pick them up.

I Have 19 hearthling
Im at day 27 (i think)


all of my soldiers, archers and warriors aren’t picking up better armor, it doesnt matter if the armor is for lvl2 or lvl1 warriors, they still dont pick the armor up

Please answer these questions as fast as you can! :smiley:

There is no diamond or obsidian in the game, so you must be using mods. Which one?
Some armors are also restricted by class, so only the correct class can wear it. Besides that you just need level up.

First off, with your ore collection issues: make sure there’s a space in the stockpiles or storage for them. Second, make sure your hearthlings aren’t too busy with other jobs – hauling is always one of the lowest priorities. You can turn off other jobs for specific hearthlings so that all they can do is haul, hopefully that helps them to get through the back-log; but of course they can only haul the ores if they have somewhere to put them!

Secondly, your soldiers will only pick up better armour if they have access to it, if they don’t have a more pressing job at hand, and if its “military score” is higher than their current equipment. Cancel any patrol routes and let your soldiers idle near the armour items (e.g. move them to a stockpile near the firepit for when the soldiers idle around there at night), and the soldiers should notice the armour more easily.

I Am Using Better stockpiles, brewery mod, chabonit mod, radiant mods, settlementdecor mod, wizards mod, archipelago mod, candledark mod, frostfeast mod…

Download the new chabonit mod, it fixed the ores not being stocked. :slight_smile:

well i am using the chabonit mod :stuck_out_tongue:

The 11.1 version? Looking at his topic it says it fixed just a few hours ago.

i dont even know which version, maybe i should download the newer one!

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By The Way, Is There any possible way to make my warriors go and heal?

No, they need someone to heal them. An herbalist can make potions, but he will only use those to heal when they get half health…
A cleric though will heal anyone with any amount!

I’m just going to share my opinion here, but if you’ve just started playing Stonehearth try a game with no mods. Check out the base game first and then start piling on the mods. It will give you a better understanding of the core mechanics and what each mod does on top of that.


This. ‘Most’ of the modding community are amateurs who create content for the love of the game. Mods can be temperamental and will break every time the development team make major changes to the game. It takes the modder a little while to debug their content, and this can cause a less than satisfactory game experience during the transition.

Experience Stonehearth ‘Vanilla’ is my advice :slight_smile: Mods should only be installed once you are happy and want some extra flavour. Candledark and Frostfeast are seasonal mods, and should only really be played on the Alpha that is currently active at the time of their release. I wouldn’t recommend using them this late in the year.


The diamond/obsidian issue, Chabonit’s put out a hotfix for it last night. Just a temp fix for better stockpiles, but they cant change the base coding or else it would break sorting in vanilla stockpiles.

Definitely give a no mod game a chance. It’s well worth it and then you’ll better understand whats going on when things break/when you have issues

A great place to start after playing through some vanilla games is the Stonehearth Cafe ( cooking mod )

It will add an event to acquire queen bees, who can be used to make honey eventually.
It will add 2 new animals to herd, nurture and slaughter at your own disposal.
These animals come with produce they drop after being maintained or slaughtered.
These half-products are then used for more cooking experiences and recipes.
This all gives you drinks, collectible water to use for cooking/drinking and alcoholic beverages as well.

It adds a few other things as well and will really stimulate you to get used to the UI.


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