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I haven’t played stonehearth in a while, just got back to playing recently but I am confused and see some problems popping up here and there. First the question, how the heck do herbalists work, I make so many healing items but then all they do is make them and do nothing, do hearthlings have to drink the potions themselves or do herbalists have to apply them idk. Also do you can you get clay in the forest by just digging dirt. The second thing is problems, even though i made it so one of my blacksmiths wasn’t doing their job (i unchecked the button) so i could level up my other to become an engineer, the workshop would still assign items to be made by the blacksmith who wasn’t supposed to be doing their job. Also my footmen wouldn’t pick up any items other than their wooden swords even though I had bronze armor and weapons ready for them and they were the right level, my archers and clerics and one of my footmen would but all the others wouldn’t. Also side note, funny thing etc, etc I tried to build a wall around my town and the wall had space in between the two sides of the wall and a stupid little hearthling got stuck in that crawl space and eventually starved and died I couldn’t figure out any way to get him out

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Herbalists will only use the healing items on hearthlings that are very damaged (below 50%) and they need to be in a bed.
You can get clay in the dirt soil of the forest, but it is less than in the desert (three times less)

I hate this too. The workaround is to make it a simple worker again.
Sometimes the footman will want to complete his patrol route before equipping an item. Else it does not have the correct level or the correct job (some items are for specific classes). You also need to own the item, if the item was dropped in battle, you need to first loot it.


Thanks for the answers BrunoSupremo

-Save the wall as a template, remove it, let the Hearthling out, rebuild it
-teleport him (open the console via ctrl+c and then type “releport” whilst the Hearthling is selected and click somewhere to teleport him there)
-Build a ladder (-system) to get him out

The problem with the blacksmith must be a bug. I encountered it too.

Oh to level up a second blacksmith I just put down all the blacksmith parts and gave them a huge work load, they started working in tandem and my engineer was up in no time.

Current fix for this is to select that Hearthling, open the console (crtl+c) type reset, and hit enter. It will move them out of the wall. Happens to the most of us.

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I’d also like to add that the building update being worked on right now is supposed to prevent Hearthlings from being trapped in buildings during construction, but of course I don’t know when that update will actually come out.