Took a long break and have some questions

I just picked up the game again. Last time I played the new promotions were farmer and trapper.

Here is a few things that I either have issues with or found broken. Im only 24 days in.

I dont understand how being promoted from a footman to an archer suddenly prevents the hearthling from wearing leather armor. Hes been wearing bronze for over a week…

Every hour or so Ill find one of the crafters is idle instead of building. Ill have to save and restart to fix it. When this happens, is there anything I need to do specifically to send in that bug? Or is it just known and I dont need to report?

I had a worker hearthing that was two shot by a giant zombie. Why wouldnt she just run away as soon as a monster gets near? She was out mining away from town and by herself.

The different combat classes have differing equipment that they can… well… equip. For instance, footman can’t wear Full-Plate mail as it’s reserved for Knights only. When you view an armor or weapons recipe, it should tell you who can wear it and what level they must be in order to do so.

Does that clear that up?

Crafters being idle is a pretty common issue among players that go over a sertain amount of hearthlings(depending on the computer) and it’s an optimization issue that is expected to be addressed sooner or later

Thise behaviors are a bit weird, hearthlings temd to stick tp their work for a bit until they start fleeing from an enemy, but if she was cowering(in fear) that’s because the monster was really scary, and she was too scared to move(at-least as an explenation, she wasn’t brave enough/had low spirit stats)

Which version are you playing? Archers wear an Archer Padded Vest by default. Looking at the craftable armor from the weaver and blacksmith, they shouldn’t be wearing bronze at all.

I think that what he means is he was wearing bronze as a fighter

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