This a bug or do I just not understand?

Been playing a bit since the game’s release and even now with Alpha 10 out, I’ve encountered the same issues. So far, my citizens will do as I say and carry out commands very quickly until the 4th or 5th day. On that day, they become idle and stay that way. They won’t mine, build any more buildings, harvest materials, nothing. Do I just not understand how to play quite yet or is this a bug?

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this is a bug, it was present a few alphas ago, but i thought it had been fixed in alpha 9… :confused:

i saw another thread where they said all promoted citizens will stop doing normal work. I’ll try another play-through where I don’t promote all of my citizens. Maybe that will help. worth a shot if nothing else.

i didnt realize you had all your hearthlings promoted, this would most likely be the cause as some proffesions cant do certain things (like mining, building, tree chopping, etc.)


i know but the ones with professions wouldn’t do their own jobs either. just trying to find a way around it


what professions did you have?

1 carpenter, 2 footman, 1 tailor, 1 blacksmith, 1 trapper, 1 mason, 2 farmers, 0 workers
the farmers would work just fine, trapper stood idle in the middle of his gathering area, carpenter worked at his bench, footmen patrolled as normal, everyone else just stood idle

he may not have had any more traps to empty/lay

[quote=“ArchAggie, post:7, topic:12536”]
everyone else just stood idle
[/quote]im guessing you gave them orders to do and had the materials, yes?

i’ve found that with the masons/blacksmiths/carpenters specifically if you queue up an item to craft (such as the loom) and dont have the required materials (1 wood 1 silkweed) they will stand idle. It’d be nice if they would just skip that item and move on to the next until the items become available. try searching your queue’s and removing any items you dont have the materials for


this has been suggested time after time, and definitely is something that TR will need to add.


The idle sickness takes in many forms
except that it always happens in the 4th/5th day do you notice any other patterns?

######btw this post is in the wrong category…

Was LUA (blue bar) at 99.9% ?
I have this issue over and over again… last time I could save my game, be loading an old save-game, stopping ALL task, including all workshops… and then slowly start up again

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