Help with few question

So… Im trying to figure some things out,

First, how can I see the stats of a citizen? Tried everything

And if I make a citizen specialized into…farming or something, will he/she stop doing basic things such as building and moving stuff?

And also, how can I remove ladders? I press the X button but it does not do anything

The easiest way for me is:

  1. Open the “Citizens” panel (‘c’ key by default).
  2. Click on the banner representing a Hearthling’s profession. (green for worker, blue for promoted worker (except footman), red for footman).

If you click on a hearthling in-game, number 2) still works (look in the bottom left corner).


Click the citizen tab, which is the button of an image of a person. Then click one of the flags appearing next to each of the citizens’ names. It’ll give a basic run down if the stats, then you can click attributes (third tab on the bottom of the character sheet) which gives more info.

The three main stats, mind body and spirit, determine different aspects of your hearthlings. Hearthlings who craft (carpenters, masons, and blacksmiths) will work best with a high (5 or 6) Mind for the crafting, and a mid (4 or ) Body for making fine materials. Hearthlings who work (farmers, trappers, and workers) do well with a high Body and low (1 or 2) Spirit so they work well and will run from danger. Hearthlings who fight (footmen) do well with high Body and high Spirit so they can fight well and aren’t probe to run unless ordered to.

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Oh crap… I just assigned random citizens into specializations :confused:

Not a huge deal. Every Hearthling can do every profession, and it works. The only possible exception is footmen: footmen need a high courage (spirit) stat, or they will can be afraid of the monsters they are supposed to be fighting. Obviously, some things make more sense than others (trappers should be able to move fast, high-mind carpenters level up faster, footmen do better when they have more HP (higher body)), but the game will work fairly well, especially in peaceful mode, if you simply assign randomly.

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Yah… Another thing is that I made adventurer mode :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, since I didn’t say it before, welcome to the Discourse, @Nicklas_L!

Adventurer mode sounds exciting. I think some other players have had similar ideas before. Maybe @8BitCrab could help me find links to some of them?

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this is the first one about “adventurer mode” i found,

if i understood you correctly.

Not adventurer mode as in… I mean that I did not use the Sandbox mode