Not enough combat capable hearthlings

I’ve started multiple towns since the combat update, running the current unstable builds. It might just be my bad luck, but I never seem to get enough combat capable hearthlings to defend my town. With the new focus on combat, shouldn’t higher strength and higher spirit hearthlings be more common too?

there is an option to randomize Hearthling stats. I noticed once I checked that I started getting more 4-6 in all 3 and a few 2-3 in all rather then what seemed to be a 3-4 ave in all

That’s good to know. I didn’t know there was a setting for that. Hopefully it makes a difference because I’ve been getting massacred since the combat update.

If you’re playing Rayya’s it’s slightly harder to get combat hearthlings because Rayya’s has a min Mind of 2.

you could just change the stats that you start with. There is a file that lets you decided with what stats they start.

HI @Karede
Can you give us a list of all your hearthling’s stats so I can determine if the balancing is off?

For some context:
In A16, hearthlings have a stat distribution curve now, so they have at least 9 stat points total (but no more than 13, I believe)
Also, in A16, courage is not as important for combat units. A16 Combat units will only run away from low courage if they are being hit. Thus courage is mostly important for knights. A footman can get away with low spirit if there is a knight around.



Unfortunately I no longer have that save game. I delete and start over every time there is an update. If I run into the problem again though I will make sure to log their stats. Thank you for trying to help though.

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