Non milita hearthlings fighting

I just noticed this again. I had some Hearthlings go into fighting mode while town alert was active even thought no Hearthlings were selected

I can upload a save if needed

They fight only when enemies get into their defense zone. Militia behaves like military where they seek the enemies.

ill try to recreate this. but they ran to were the enemies were rather then to the banner

If a Hearthling has a high spirit stat they get a moment of courage (or insanity) and charge out away from banner, thing that bothers me about it is some will charge out but then cower when they get hit, have to reset the city alarm to get em to move IF they are still alive.


ive seen that happen a few times they will basically run into a fight , take one swing then cower or run into a fight only to cower without hitting anything and get hit 2-3 times and die rather then run away
I would rather then not even run form the banner

Yeah, I would prefer they didn’t run out also but it is kinda nice to know your hearthlings are effected by a spurt of courage now and then and not act like bunch of lemmings.

well with what happened to my Hearthlings that one time it was not a moment of courage, it was a burst of insanity . since they did run a fair bit just to let the ogres beat them to death