Hearthlings not enrolled in militia do not retreat to banner

from what I gathered if you have a safety banner placed anyone not in a group is supposed to flee since we can not add non footmen to any party

when I activate town alert are your worker and crafter Hearthlings not supposed to run to the closest banner rather then stand there and attack whatever your wanting them to run from?

Workers are by default part of the “militia” who will not run to banners but will stay in spot looking for enimies during town alert. Crafters with workbenches are not in the militia by default and should flee to a safty banner or the starting banner.

Havn’t tested this around much, but are any of those what is going on?

I have seen none run to the banner. they all stay there and will attack. workers crafters and farmers seem to do a run hit once and flee or a run to it then shake in fear right beside it

paging @8BitCrab. know anything about this one or heard anything?

[quote=“Fralee, post:3, topic:19231”]
paging @8BitCrab. know anything about this one or heard anything?
[/quote]in A14 TR added the “militia” you have to manually add/remove hearthlings from it, to access it open the citizens page (hotkey “C”), and then go to the “groups” tab, from there you can choose who will fight and who will tun to safety.

hope that helps.

Wanted to confirm this bug…I have just watched two of my farmers nearly be killed by untamed wolves because they decided to ignore my orders to not be in the militia! See screenshot and save game below:

1453023370900.zip (6.3 MB) - Note, Town Alert Mode is on in this save (I know the UI does not remain when a save is loaded.

I had a farmer die because of this. I placed the flag in a safe location, and they seem to run from one flag to another, I can also confirm bugs with this.

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I had the same problem, here is my save - r2786

This save is during a problem with a footman who is stuck running between two flags i think but has become equidistant (i think) it is also cuasing the music to start over and over.

I couldn’t seem to replicate that when loading up your save. The workers that were standing there in your game just started running to the camp standard. Does anything change when you load up that save or uncheck/recheck the boxes?

Also, the ping-ponging between safety points is fixed and will be up by the next unstable release.


Well I was destroyed completely a bit later in the save. Let me redownload it and test again…

…yeah, they retreated for me as soon as I loaded the save. I promise they weren’t last night :sweat:!

I’m experiencing this issue as well: hearthlings that are not enrolled in the militia still stand their ground and fight. I can’t provide a save because it involves my custom race mod (that doesnt modify combat at all).

Expected Results:
all Hearthlings not enrolled in the militia to flee and run to a safety banner or the town banner

Actual Results:
workers and farmers fight and get killed

looks normal if they are extrem fightened they dont flee the just ?contract? and protect their heads ^^

if that was the case it would not be a problem. but the farmer in the second picture is going toe to toe to the zombie even thought the box is unchecked


Can you send me that save if you have it?