Militia instead of a standing army

I’ve only just started but the game is well beyond anything I had hoped it would be. Something I find myself doing currently is keeping my villagers in roles that would benefit the development of the village instead of keeping a standing army. Is there a feature planned to “call to arms” certain units and return them to whatever role they were in before when it’s toggled off?

The call to arms affects all normal workers. You can go to the “groups” tab and enroll some workers into the active militia, allowing them pursue enemies. I never used that though.

if i’m not mistaken, this feature was actually removed a few alphas ago, as not too many people were using it and it was causing some rather annoying bugs. though i can’t say for certain, i think the team plans to add back a better (and not buggy) version of it in the future.


Just remember, if you do swap between classes, your Hearthlings lose any excess XP they have earned towards their next level and start from there, and the amount of XP needed for the next level is determined by their overall level. I like to train my footmen up to 6 and then promote them to Knights or archers so they get the HP boost even if it makes it harder for them to gain levels as knights and archers.