Hearthlings are individually too weak in combat!

I’ve suggested before that Hearthlings should gain further stat progression at Lvl. 6 Combat classes, but today I realised how laughably outclassed my Hearthlings are individually compared to most enemies.

My strongest Hearthling has 300+ HP, whereas a Kobold Archer has 1250 HP… and don’t even get me started on Ogres and their 2000 HP which is four times higher than what my Knight can achieve.

I understand that the devs reduced the number of starting Hearthlings down to 5 to make us see them as individuals, but how on Stonehearth am I supposed to see them as individuals if the only possible combat tactic is them zerging enemies in a horde where individual skill and prowess doesn’t matter?!

There’s a slight issue when I see my enemies as individuals more than I see my Hearthlings as individuals.

While I think the Kobold General is a really swell boss enemy, I’d also like to look at my individual Hearthlings that way and be able to boast about how epic they are on a personal level.

On the other hand enemy’s dont really lvl up (especially if they are on the map already, and you do, getting abilities that deduces dmg, healing and letting cuase more dmg and dots not counting the gear they equip. Now on hard mode all i can suggest is lock ur self in town until geared up and decent lvl and plenty of soldiers. Also as hearths you more focuced on corporation, ie knight soldiers archer and cleric, the cleric is really powerful when used well. and also the mobs do really low dmg

I took out a whole band of ogo men with 2 knights 3 solders 2 archers and 2 clerics, and they outnumbers me 2/3 to 1

Suggestion and i always do this, i promote 2 hearths to footman right away, now had to change this tatic a bit since going to 5 hearths, but now i wait till i have 7 hearths to get to 2 footman. but when u have 5 just 1 will work, also if you still feel like you in trouble, just direct them to the banner to let the villagers help you fight


I agree that Hearthlings are pretty strong and can typically beat most invasions by working together, but what I’m kind of miffed by is the lack of play style where I can build up one or two elite Hearthlings and watch them wreck house.

Currently I’m forced to rely on teamwork, and the idea of building up a small core of elites doesn’t really work yet due to the individual weakness of Hearthlings. (A Lvl. 6 Knight is no match for an Ogre 1 v 1, not even against a Kobold Archer)

While my Hearthlings work perfectly as a team, individually, they’ll get butchered against even regular rank-and-file enemies by end game, which is what frustrates me since I really want to make a small, but elite military by that point.

Well to be honest that not what this game is about, remeber this game is a hybrid of genres. Now on the other hand if you want a small elite soldiers, ie a super soldier, you can download a workshop mod that by kodi4444

here is link

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I was always really bad at combat. Now I’m realizing that I just simply never had enough hearthlings in the army.

To be fair, it’s mostly about having a cleric early enough, those things flip combat completely on its head and are OP as - turnip-


Surviving to midgame can be made easier by doing a few things early/getting lucky.

  1. Gather flowers and get that healer going.
  2. Chokepoints (A moat is always free)
  3. 2 footmen as soon as you can spare them. They gain XP just patrolling but you can use them for hauling if you turn off their job.
  4. Get the bolt of leather from the trader when you can even if you don’t have a trapper
  5. Cleric
  6. Never raise your KW higher than you can defend against. Don’t overbuild.
  7. Watch carefully for the trader that wants to give you 2 bronze breastplates.

Maybe you could have a one off advanced class of footman called a champion. Maybe he would also have his own epic gear. That’s something maybe a moder could do. Though don’t know if there is a way to limit the number of a class type.

It’s something on my to do list for my viking class at least, though someone could probably do something more generic. I had a discussion the other day about how one could limit a class to one and the easiest way we though up would be doing it quest based somehow, so that you can only get the promotion item that way. Or possibly by a really rare material. Like dead heartling or the root of a mountain or something.

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