Promotion and job change bugs

I have a 2 wierd things i have found with the job promotion system in release-335; i present the brothers(?) Carvad.

As you see I started one as a trapper and the other as a footman, and at level 4 i retired the trapper and made him the footman and the old footman (level 2) became the new trapper. Now one of the tings might be considered a feature, but thats up to Radiant I guess. So, number 1, for some reason Liam the new trapper kept his Rough Wooden Buckler after his promotion, dunno why. That has to be a bug :smile:

And secondly Daff, a apprentice footman requires 2500 exp to level up for his first job ability. I guess this is something left over from the former profession aswell, and it kinda makes sense that you shouldnt be able to “power level” hearthlings to insane HP levels by giving them different kinds of work, but increased HP numbers should imo be balanced/handled another way.


his is most definitely a bug, it was reported elsewhere, i will have a look around and see if i can find it.

[quote=“legobil, post:1, topic:12609”]
I guess this is something left over from the former profession as well
[/quote]yep, thats how it works, its so that you cant have one guy be all the professions. well you could but as you see here, it has consequences

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Here is another bug dealing with the footman demotion.

The 2500 to get past apprentice is, as you mentioned, intentional. The first time a Hearthling levels up, on ANY job, it takes 100 xp. The second time, it takes 400 xp. The third time, it takes 900 xp. (etc.) It doesn’t matter if all of those levels are on the same job or not.

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