Level 1 Footman 815 xp?!

So i noticed something today when i was recording a new episode of this game when i promoted by max level farmer into a Footman the first level for the footman was about 815 xp.
Wondering if this is a Bug or if its a Design and if it’s design i must say it feels very strange and bad imo not sure what you guys think about it but getting to level 1 with 815 xp in hardmode is quiet a bit to ask early on.

If this is intentional i really hope that this will change because it feels weird.

Alpha 18 3092 x64 (M)
Spiros Window
Jomaxro Doorways

Design. You keep the health gains you got for levelling earlier. Your xp requirement is based on the total number of levels your hearthling has gained, not their current level.

As it stands right now, it might be a good idea to have your crafters change from one crafting job to another, but it is not at all a good idea to have your fighting classes (archers, clerics, footmen, knights) switch over from another job. Just take your military types from Worker class. Workers don’t gain levels for that precise reason.


Have noticed this one as well…its been in the game for a while…but when you switch a hearthling to another job type …they maintain their max level from the previous job…so when they start a new job they have the XP requirements of the previous jobs max level.

Agreed this is a little too much…only good thing is if you put them back to the original job they retain their levels.

Great vids by the way banto…!

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Yeah i love that they keep their previous skills from working hard on those jobs it’s realistic and good :slight_smile:
I hope we can see change to this with the xp for a new proffesion soon :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Hanz :smiley: !

Yeah that’s the way i normaly do it with workers -> fighters but i had to do some extra during hardmode when people decide to run out randomly to suicide. They even ignored my flags just went away >_<

as the others said, it’s by design, it’s so that you can’t just switch between classes constantly and only ever need 1 hearthling to do stuff sort o thing…

anyways, i’ve moved it over to NaB.

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Maybe in the future we can see like in many other games that uses skills that for example if you become a new profession you lose skills in an old profession or lose skills in a profession over time if not used.