Footmen getting no XP 2283 x64

First bug!

Footmen get no xp from killing goblins spawned by the camp.


Make footmen
Wait til goblin camp sets up.
Let them kill goblins
Check XP levels.


Lol, in the livestream where @tom first showed us combat between footmen and the new goblin types, he thought XP was being awarded too quickly during the stream (leading to constant upgrade notifications) so he turned down the XP gain to stop the notifications. I wonder if that change accidentally got committed into source and became part of the build… :smile:


thanks for the report… posted in the stream… :+1:

So I decided to post this because I am on Current Develop-2283 (x64) and my Footman (2 of them currently) both have 0/100 exp, after killing… so many goblins… (at least 15 of them so far) now I looked everywhere trying to find someone else posting this bug because it seems rather noticeable, so not sure if I am just bugged or what but figured I would post it anyways! Keep up the amazing work you guys!


I have noticed this on my game as well. Plenty of killing, no leveling.

this is a known issue (it was raised in last nights stream) and @Tom is working on it…

thanks! :+1:

I want to stress that it happens with the camp-spawned gobbos. I notice that you can click on them and look at their job page, where they look exactly like your hearthlings and are footmen. I don’t think other random goblins spawn, so I can’t say if others do give XP.

I have noticed that farmers don’t get exp either

Ive not had this happen to me. In my test game, they gained xp as expected. Did anything popup, or anything odd happen?

Everyone of my people get experience but the foot soldiers.

If i remember correctly, farmers get exp when digging up the soil. But may be remembering it wrong. And i did not check after that :confused: . I just assumed, and i wrote on this thread to early :laughing: