A few things for 2283 (x64)

Loot Items

Guessing its just a Dressing here but its a very good way to get rid of unwanted items as stealing it simply makes it vanish off the face of the earth does it go into the Heathlings pockets? or does it appear in a alternative dimension where Goblins are the good guys!

Footman will not get any Xp but far as I know its been reported already

Footman will also sometimes refuse to pick a new weapon up created by a blacksmith

Newly spawned Hearthlings sometimes spawn up a cliff and if you have the Xray on they either die of starvation unless your paying attention :frowning:

This Goblin Camp also decided that it would test Gravity and failed

I’ve only found this to be true if the newly created weapon has a lower attack value, Hearthlings pick up only weapons/armor that have a higher defense/Attack value then what they already have.

have your footmen an iron pike? at the moment its the highest :wink: [Res] Y U no like my Weapons? (Leet Iron Pike)

Yeah I know about the Iron Pike I don’t make it for that reason even without it they still do it sometimes depending on the new world even a reload will gently remind them there are better stuff in the stockpile they also do it for shields and well anything else

fussy hearthlings :frowning: