Suicidal Hearthlings

One of my footmen died in a failed attack on the goblin chieftain’s camp, and his items were left there. After that, all my hearthlings with the “haul” option enabled refused to do anything other than run into the camp and get themselves killed.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Refuse the goblin chieftain’s offer for peace
  2. Send an incredible underpowered army (like 2 footmen) into the chieftain’s camp
  3. Attempt to resume normal gameplay
  4. Observe that all HLs with “Haul” enabled run into the camp and are killed

Expected Results:
HLs accept their losses, return to normal life
Actual Results:
HLs run into goblin camp to recover items, and are instantly killed
-Might not be a “bug”, but once the items are stuck in the camp, there is no way to advance my town. I can turn Hauling off for all my HLs, but this causes them to just leave all their items lying around, and makes it impossible for them to build anything

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