A suggestion mixed with a bug or two

2 things:

  1. Footman. I’ve seen a lot of suggestions and such for footman patrols. I’ve seen them patrol such small areas, then run off to fight things when they come within a certain area of the camp.
  • Allow them to protect certain people - IE: Foresters who go out, instead of them running away and back into the fight for some lumber.

  • For some reason, my footman always favor walking around just my crop fields. When I fence it off, they still only stay in this area, making them almost never around when something attacks the camp.

  1. Some bugs found upon dropping items in attacks
  • When a worker drops an item upon being attacked, no one ever comes back to reclaim it. Chances are, no matter what happens, it never gets used either. Not an issue with replaceable items, the work around for this is to place the item from the item itself, then pick it back up for stockpile. But the issue comes from ore and other items that don’t actually get placed in the world.

  • When a goblin steals something, then is defeated, the item stays where it drops. I have items cluttering the ground because it never gets returned to the stockpile. It also, as like when a villager drops something, becomes effectively unusable.

  1. Stockpiles at a point I find are no longer needed with certain play styles. But when I remove the last stockpile area, usually to add a building or just to remove it, the game crashes. I am unable to get a clipboard warning about this like so many things in the game can cause, so I cannot post that part here.

Amazing game so far, thanks for the opportunity to try it out in its alpha stages!


Hey there @Neohanja, welcome to the Discourse!

Don’t have time to read this post in detail, this is a reminder for myself to return later…

I could be wrong but I think items stolen by Goblins can be reclaimed by “looting” them with the loot command – they’ve been flagged as Goblin property.


Thanks for the reminder :wink:

This is an interesting idea. I always worry about my trapper getting attacked, I could see this being a great system late game (when you have enough footman to do this) to have someone follow another Hearthling.

Footman currently patrol 2 things, stockpiles, and farms. This is not ideal, and the devs are well aware of that fact. You can disable the footman’s job in the Citizens menu to disable patrolling…

This shouldn’t be the case. Enemy drops should require looting, but attacked Hearthling’s drops should still be considered owned by the player and picked up…

As @Neohanja suggested, loot the item to get it back.

If this occurs again, please upload your stonehearth.log file to the Discourse before launching Stonehearth again. (The log is re-written upon launch, that is why copying it elsewhere or uploading it before you start the game again is important). The log should contain some information about the crash that the devs can look into.

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