Items dropped by goblins can not be retreived

Occurs when an item is dropped by a goblin running away. no matter how close the item is to your town, it can not be looted by villagers and they ignore it.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have a goblin thief or raiding party attack your city and pick up an item
  2. Have a any hearthing attack the goblin until they run away and drop the item
  3. The item dropped can not be picked up

Expected Results:
When clicking on the item the loot option would be available for a hearthing to pick up/ hearthlings will automatically pick up an item outside of its designated zone.

Actual Results:
Loot item can not be looted and hearthings wont pick up the items in or out of a storage zone

I have enabled auto loot in my game. The picture shows that one item is effected by the auto loot but the iron ingot can not be.


Version Number and Mods in use:
no mods used

System Information:
OS: Windows 10 home 64 bit

  • I don’t think any hardware would cause this issue-
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One work around to this is to use the loot tool inside the harvest menu.


I have not tried that and i can’t believe that i missed that. That did work, thank you


I believe it’s the only existing workaround.
The way I see, it’s still an inconsistent behaviour that needs to be addressed.

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When the goblins steal it, it’s their property now (has their player_id/faction). So it remains like that just like when your hearthlings drop something to the ground.
@MelOzone / @Upsilon, what’s your suggestion, that if you have autoloot enabled, it gets marked as loot as soon as it touches the ground?

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My suggestion is, it should be processed exactly like any other loot belonging to the enemy (have a “loot” icon when selected etc). I don’t use autoloot (actually I didn’t even know it was there), but it’s logical to extend it on items stolen from you as well (or add an additional checkbox for them).

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