Items dropped by Incapacitated Hearthlings are never picked back up

For example, a footman dies and drops their Stone Maul. The Stone Maul will lay there on the goud forever. Even if the entire town is idle and you have everyone on hauling duty, no one will return the maul to a stockpile. This has happened with both Knight and Footman for me, and probably applies to other jobs as well.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Equp a hearthling with an item
  2. Incapacitate the Hearthling
  3. Put everyone on haul only and watch as they ignore the dropped items forever

Expected Results:
They stockpile the dropped items
Actual Results:
They ignore the dropped items
Version Number and Mods in use:
No mods. Alpha 22.

@FerretBandit Items that are dropped in that manner must be tagged to be picked up by using the loot button in the Harvest menu.

Due to the idea that enemies are in the location where the items are, the developers decided to NOT make them automatically lootable so as to prevent other hearthlings from dying in that same place while trying to retrieve them.