Not picking up items from injured hearthlings

When a heathling is injured in battle they drop their armour and weapons, but then no one comes along to pick them p and they cannot be moved, wasting resources and also just (annoyingly) getting in the way:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. footman with armour and/or weapon
  2. fight
  3. lose

items dropped by injured hearthling, then other hearthlings come along and pick them up as if they were dropped loot

Items just litter the play area:



Alpha 21 and 22:

Win 10 / 8GB / Intel i5-4200H - Nvidia 960M GTX :

They need to be picked up using the loot tool from the harvest menu. This was designed this way because before, hearthlings would try to restock those items on their own when there’s still monsters around.


That’s brilliant, thank you

It’s also enabled me to (hopefully) pick up blocks of wood that are being ignored as well :slight_smile: :