Hearthling lost stuff after KD and can't recover stuff

Hi, i come back after 3 month and i start a new game.
Everything is going on until one of my hearthling Knockdown after fight, he lost stuff (sword/helmet/chest) and stay on the ground. When i want to recover his stuff i can’t because the button for recover by heartling (red button when select stuff) doesn’t exist.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Stuff hearthling
  2. Suicid Hearthling
  3. Try to recover stuff stay on the ground

Actual Results:
Can’t recover stuff

I dont know if it’s normaly or if it a Bug

Version Number and Mods in use:
A21 and mod cooking mod, tulahu, furniture expansion, settlement decor

System Information:
MB: Msi z87gd65
CPU: I5 4670k
GPU: GTX 770 2g
Ram: 16g 1600mhz

Hi @Ausaif :slight_smile:
If you use the loot option, you can get the hearthlings to recover the items. Otherwise the injured soldier need to go out and pick it up after his/hers recovery.


Hi @Fornjotr

Thanks for reply.

when items are on ground, no one can to recover stuff even hearthling after recovery.
i’m work on, i could put screenshot later

Actually i destroy item on consol because i can’t do anything and i rebuild stuff when i have a suicid-hearthling :stuck_out_tongue:

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They can be picked up Ausaif, Fornjotr is right. You simply wait for the hearthling to get back on his feet so he can go and get his stuff. Otherwise, go to the tool-tab. Press the loot button with the 3 gold coins and drag around the items you need to pick up. Since the enemy slaughtered your guy, his belongings are now theirs until you take them back.


@Fornjotr and @MaddyGrand are right, @Ausaif.

You need to use the loot tool to recover those items. If you still have trouble with this, upload the savefile and we can take a look at it.


thanks you for reply

ok i made a simulation with screen :slight_smile:

I explain my path.

First, one hearthling, here, we have Devona, Footman with her stuff

Next, suicid for loosing her item

Devona knockdown and lost stuff, we see other item with

ok now i lost three items helm/weapon/chest
screen of item on ground

I should see that, right?

ok now after recovery Devona, She have already chest because I had one of it beforehand

I took a screen of the board, on the line of devona we see that she patrols but does not fetch her stuff

i try to share my savefile but i don’t find file :confused:

You have to use the loot tool on the harvesting menu. The individual items do not have a loot button as you have seen.

This one, @Ausaif:

Click on it and drag a square over the items, like when using the harvest tool.


Ok, i’m so sorry, i never used this button, I did not know that existed.

my bad, Thank you for saw me this option.

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