Incapacitated hearthling items


When heartlings (or at least soldiers) hp runs out and they become incapacitated, the equipped items they drop become non-interactable. They can neither be loted with the loot tool, nor are they picked up by workers or by the hearthling himself when he regains consciousness.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. have a soldier equipped with non-standard equipment (tested with iron helmet, thick leather vest, copper mace)
  2. make the soldier run out of hp
  3. the items dropped become uninteractable

Expected Results:
either items are picked up/lootable, or the items are permenantly lost (and removed from the world)

Actual Results:
Items are dropped and the iconic items can be clicked, but are neither picked up nor lootable by the loot tool

Version Number and Mods in use:
Steam latest dev-3378

  • furniture expansion plus
  • archipelago biome
  • assassin mod
  • balista mod
  • black mage, dark knight, paladin and white mage mods (final fantasy job pack)
  • enchanter and enchanter expansion plus
  • grove biome
    -minecart and rails
  • MRcontainers
  • patrol point mod
  • settlement decor mod
  • terrain color mod
  • (debug tools)

System Information:
Windows 10, intel i7 3610-QM, 24GB ram, Nvidia K1000M

@tim1, where did the items fall?

I just tested and they can be looted with the Loot tool (you need to loot them manually because we don’t want workers to go on suicidal missions to pick them up automatically).

Did the items fall on top of a building or road, perhaps?

items fell on the grass (no buildings or anything nearby). using the teleport command to teleport them to approximately the same spot fixed this and allowed them to be looted and picked up. (on a small side note, they are missing the loot button when clicked on compared to monster dropped loot).

If it does appear to work correctly for others, this might be caused by one of the mods used.

Edit: just tested this with all the mods adding items disabled, seems to be related to some mod

Edit2: seems to be related to the final fantasy job equipment mod

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I’ve recategorized and tagged the topic #caused_by_mod, thanks for the update!

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Hmm, I don’t have any mods enabled (unless Rayya’s Children is considered a mod) and I am having this happen in my games. I just started playing a couple days ago and this is the first thread I have seen that describes this issue. Has this been reported elsewhere as well and is there a solution? I am playing the Ascendancy, should I try disabling Rayya’s Children?

Welcome to the forum, @ilikain

No need to disable Rayya’s Children, it’s a base mod. When they drop the equipment after becoming incapacitated, you have to use the loot tool in the harvest menu, drag an area over the equipment and they will be marked for looting.

This was introduced because before, the hearthlings would automatically going to pick them up, and if your footman is incapacitated it means the monster is still alive, so when hearthlings went to pick the equipment, it was a suicidal mission.

Having to loot them manually gives you the opportunity to decide when they should go to recover the items, and the loot tool is more convenient than having to click on each of the items.

Hah! See, didn’t even know about the Loot tool in the harvest menu! Learning new things! I’ll give that a try when I get done with work.

Side-note, I was one of the Kickstarter backers and I am really excited to see how far you guys have gotten with the game and can’t wait to see where it goes! Lots of exciting possibilities!

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