Footman exp gain complaint/suggestion

Hey Devs,

I would like to comment just a little thing I noticed during play.

I dont see the point in equiping better wapons. anymore…
bacause the footman gain exp per swing.
If the have an awesome wapon with lots of dmg, they swing less and gain less exp.
But I want them to lvl up since they gain more dmg and HP.
I would like to see a exp system based on dmg or a similar value.
This is an 3 week old insight might be that you changed it with the last patch, I just got to know about this forum after watching the development stream;)

Cheers Pyrotika

Oh and I would love more attention to the steam forum. I started to post my Errors there and never got response… I hope to get it here.


Welcome to Stonehearth forum, this is the official forum for StoneHearth, we have a great community and developers ( Radiant ) are usually around, you won’t be disappointed.


something they could do instead would be limiting what weapons/armour the footmen can equip at certain levels. a fresh recruit shouldn’t be able to pick up a warhammer, much less swing it at an enemy and do any damage with it. This will force lvl 0 soldiers to train a bit before being able to carry real weapons, and even then they still need to train a bit before actually carrying giant mallets into battle.

I actually think the xp per swing is a good idea and shouldn’t be changed, however there should be a method to train aside from killing a few goblins - such as swinging at a practice dummy. when soldiers aren’t defending or patrolling, they could be practicing at the barracks. the practice dummies would probably give less xp per swing, but this would allow low-leveled troops to quickly level to the point that they can actually wield better gear, allowing them to survive against enemies where they would get better xp, and at that point they would have already gained enough levels to have built up HP and dmg from leveling up.


I love the idea of training dummies, why haven`t i think about i earlier?! This needs to be added!


Oh yeah thats a great idea with the dummies, that would definitly take care about my issue with the exp gain.
Maybe you could introduce a max lvl. reachable by the dummy practice and after they have to get actual combat exp to progress in skill.

Also I would love to have more alarm options. I love the flag to rally them, but I would like a extra alarm lvl which just counts for soldiers and not every one.
That way you could build a wall with a gate and rally your troops there as soon as enemys are in sight.
Something like:
-peace (footman patroling and practice, others work)
-stand by (footman rally at their group flag, others work)
-alarm (every one fights, footman should abandon their flag and fight the nearest enemy)
-military organisation (how it is now)


I just found a suggestion in my previus steam suggestion I forgot :smile:

"Further I sugest some training pupets to train them. Maybe three or four of them to make it progressional.
first trains to lvl. 2 => Craftable with Carpenter lvl 2
Second trains to lvl. 3 => Craftable with Masson lvl 2
Third Trains to lvl. 4 => Craftable with Blacksmith lvl 4 "

I know I have read somewhere about a suggestion for:

Dummies: Have limited HP and need to be recrafted after some use. ( Item has HP and “breaks” while on use which is useful to have your crafters even more busy! More city management! :wink: )
Had not read anything on the “TIERed” dummy suggestion, I like this addition very much and even makes a point in the interrelation between different jobs (Carpenter / Masson / Blacksmith and Military units)

Awesome, city building and management improvements!

Craftable book (dummy) for professions.

I am at work now but will search for these when back at home.


Great addition to the group management, right now it makes the job done but it is not that intuitive (your suggestion would make it much more practical / efficient)

I look forward to reading more from you.