Training area for footmen/etc

Hey people!

While I was playing yesterday I was thinking about my footmen and their “training”.
When they get the wooden sword they get a bonus for the courage.
But the green icon with the horn on it says also that they got that bonus thanks to the training.
The question I’d like to say is: what training?

Here comes my suggestion: create a real training.
Wooden targets, running, fighting against other footmen, etc.
For me, the footmen should train when they idle (free time) instead of “patrolling” around the city, that would make sense. I don’t know if they should get XP and levels by training but at least for the first level.
We can imagine the same story for the future archers.

Thanks for reading! :smiley:

PS: that comes with this post.


great idea man! Hope someone will noticed and make a mod for it :smiley:

Yes, maybe add a carpenter lvl 4 recipe for a wooden dummy, you command the footman to hit it and so he plactices his swings