Soldier Activities and Training

I was thinking it would be pretty handy and neat to have a furniture item that a footman can use to either level up footman class slowly or as just another “idle action” in lieu of patrolling occasionally. It could be called Footmans’ Training Dummy or something of the like and be basically a silhouette shaped bag stuffed full of straw and hanging on a wooden rack. Other combat units, once implemented, could then have similar items such as an Archers Practice Target or some such.

Additionally, I thought it would be cool if two footmen could have practice spars as well. It would really give the barracks I keep trying to build more lively! Of course patrolling needs to be where a footman spends the majority of his/her time but they just seem to look bored all the time and I feel bad for the little guys! Speaking of patrols, I would also like to be able to designate patrol routes, it never fails that my guys are always on the wrong side of town at the worst times!

Anyways, I saw a couple other ideas that sounded somewhat similar but they were old and I just wanted to get this perspective some fresh light, thanks!


Completely agree on setting up patrol routes, would be nice to have designated areas instead of them just walking to areas that would never need to be defended.

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Yes please!

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