Target Dummy object

Just a item, for a crafter to make

A Target Dummy. interactive by clicking it with attack button form footman or any other hearth. Not destroyable. just interactive. I say they can not lvl up from it.


So just decoration… and just for fun… alright I’m down for this! :smiley:


Could also expand this in the future, for archers to have a arrow board, same deal, just for fun. If to hard to make it interactive, just a placement for decoration.


how about a different promoting system for upper soldier classes?
after your basic footman reached a specific level you decide in which direction you train him with different equipment, so the basic footman is only able too use the wooden sword and for other equipment you need to train him on specific dummies. That way we can balance instant super soldiers (using high end equipment on appretience soldiers) and create more sub classes, like spearman, mace soldier etc…

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@Zardimooo: As far as I understood, specific armor/weapons will be tied to a level requirement for the footman and his subsequent classes at a later point (maybe A16 with the combat improvements?).

I think @sdee can tell us more on that.


That is correct. @yshan and has been working on making those changes, so an lvl 0 footman can no longer equip full steel armor. @sdee has been tweaking HP and damage a bit, so combat will be challenging, but more specifically should push the player to get an herbalist.

I certainly might have missed it, but I haven’t heard anything about footman promotions yet…I know the archer and knight are being worked on, but I believe they are base classes, not a promotion from the footman.


I just remembered @sdee talking about it on a dev stream, thanks for clarifying that.

Something was floating around in my head that the knight will be a promotion for the footman. We will see if that is true in the future :smiley:

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though i dont know if anyone from TR talked about it that much (i know it was mentioned) even just looking at the files you can see that both archer and knight have the parent class of footmen.

they are also both supposed to be “second tier” classes, so even if the parent job gets changed, they will still promote from some other class.

hope that makes sense…


Thanks @8BitCrab now i remember where i saw this.
YaY i am not getting insane :stuck_out_tongue:


mhh well i know they mentioned it to be level bound, but at a certain stage all footman will end up with max level right? so at the end you’ll end up with the current “max” equipment, which is pretty boring if you think about the different weapon types. They were designed for different combat styles and i would like to have footman with spears and swords and maules at the same time, so each of them can fit a specific role. And just because a footman leveled up using his sword, it doesnt mean he is good with a bow or a spear.
So that’s why i suggest to have additional weapon training, maybe unlocks that way special move with the fitting weapon. That way you can specialize your footman, instead of skipping wepons. You could have all weapon types in all qualities (wood, stone,bronze etc…), which will add more content for the blacksmith too.
So more of the existing content is used constantly and not only in the early game.

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rump a bump a still suggesting this lol

I like the idea of a training dummy - but I would suggest using it to help level up soldiers. I run into an issue constantly of my level 6 footman or knight or archer dying, and then all of a sudden my hearthlings can’t defend my city and the enemy which I was almost able to kill before now just destroys 1/3rd of my village.

Even if my soldiers don’t all die - just the idea of growing large enough to need another footman, that footman is level 1 versus enemies which are balanced against the level 6 footman who was all I had before (at least it seems that way to me).

I would like some way to train up low level soldiers so they can meet with the hardship of reality in the world around them. It does seem a little cheap to have a footman be all trained versus learned in the world - but that’s basically just the way society works : ). And its why there is basic training in the military - because otherwise you’d have a bunch of idiots running around who aren’t able to do anything but die.

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i think it would be good to have a training dummy also act as a decoy