Training Dummies?

Gather around, I have a story to share with you.

First, I know there have been some topics handling this topic. But I tought I make something new and not just grave digging.

So one day I was minding my bussiness browsing internet while a stonehearth video caught my eye. It featured a settlement built on an island and without futher considering I decided to try that out. After selecting new game I tought hard mode could be fun, because I will live in a decolated island.

Everything started fine, there where few enemies but as I claimed more land from the island they started disappearing. My economy started skyrocketing cause there where no enemies and no need for defensive troops.

After I reached population of 18 I wondered what if I expand my colony to the main land. So I built a bridge over the river surrounding my small island. And that’s when the hell broke lose. I knew I will need more troops so I trained 3 others + my 2 who had already lvl1 from the first enemies on the island. So the first enemy, a giant beatle started crawling through my gates. All my full armored soldiers started fighting against the monster with no success. The monster had 4/5 of it’s hp left by the time it had killed all my soldiers. So yeah… Kinda screwed-up.

So my suggestion is that…

So my suggestion is that you would be able to make training dummies for your soldiers to train on.
Let’s get the facts right: People have had training equipment and training dummies (or other soldiers to train on) on barracks for thousands of years.
No theoretical training can make you pro, so the training dummy wouldn’t allow you to reach levels above 3-4.

Training dummy could be something a carpenter can make. Maybe from 2 wools, 4 planks and 2 leathers, and could have a required crafting level of 3 or 4. When making a fine training dummy it could boost the training amount got from it by 20% (?).
Training dummy could also have a durability… OR one is consumed when reaching a new combat level.

I like the last one. It sounds cool and is kinda realistic.


Wasn’t this suggested already? I remember someone suggesting something similar so you can train troops to a higher level without sending them into battle to become cannon fodder.

You should check out this post.

@8BitCrab should this be merged?

I know that exists but it’s a mod not a vanilla feature suggestion. So atleast in my opinion they are not the same thing :stuck_out_tongue:

As I mentioned in my post above this has been suggested already, but the post was 450 days old (according to the forum), and I’m no fan of grave digging.

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if you look in the modding folder technically the Stonehearth game is pretty much a mod. :stuck_out_tongue:

it was created 3 days ago, I wonder if the there is an issue with discord

@ChickenNuggers Well yeah :smiley: True…

@Geokhan Funny, the day before yesterday I looked and found no suggestion topic with the idea of getting battle xp without being in a fight.

They just changed the format of the discourse site so there may be something not showing up. I just saw all these and more so I was thinking a merged post would be good so people would not have to dig for them. Training Dummies are a very requested feature. I hope that we will see them in the future.

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This Idea is awesome! I love your thought into the intricacies of this and i feel your pain on the matter i have recently had similar troubles however i reverted save and been amassing armies of 15 lvl0 fighters which i know few will make the journey if any (0 success yet) to the lvl 6 fighter but rather than throwing fodder into the fray this would be an awesome thing to create to even the fight and keep my Hearthlings alive… for a bit longer!

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Oh boy do I have a training dummy for you.