Best footman level up reason. Had me laughing

On the steam latest branch version 2924 x64

I have a pretty good military of 5 hearthlings. I decided to make another footman. He’s at level zero and him and the rest fought off a varanus/entling attack. This footman had a sliver of xp left until level one and, with nothing better to do now that the enemies were killed he started to act like a worker and went and undeployed a stone fence I wanted gone. He leveled up to a level 1 footman for undeploying that fence lol

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“If I want to gain that fighting experience, I better let some of those wild types in. Better knock down that fence over there…”

  • The Unknown Level 0 Footman

This sounds really weird. The latest changes to exp gain doesn’t seem related to undeploy fences, only to combat units around a target and the cleric healing. Paging @yshan for when they return.

If only we could repro it. @Shurakai, do you have per chance a savefile where it is reproducible? Like one where the footman is about to undeploy the fence or something :sweat:

I have had this happen to me as well on two seperae accounts not just with footmen but cleric as well

I wonder if it’s related to the targets.