Gain Experience For Nothing

So I have a few footmen that I’m trying to kill, and thus have pinned them in a pen. When I placed them in there, they were all level 0. While doing nothing, they all 3 gained a level, then gained 2 levels moments later do to a battle that took place that they weren’t involved in.

Now, I don’t know if this is a bug, but I feel it is, as they were decently far from the battle, weren’t in it or able to get to it, and yet gained experience from it.

In the pictures, the loot in the distances is where the battle took place.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Promote 'Ling to footman.
  2. Capture them.
  3. Have battle take place away from them.
  4. Profit.

Expected Results:
Footmen who don’t participate don’t receive experience.

Actual Results:
Everyone gets a trophie for participation, whether you’re there or not.


Version Number and Mods in use:
Release 687 (x64)

I am unsure as well to the xp gain being bug or not, but do have a notion.

Did you stop them from doing their job, as in unchecking the check box in the hearthling list menu under the column job. If not, then they will still attempt to patrol, and that does give them gradual xp just for patrolling. Far as I know, unless that has changed. So unchecking that might help reduce xp gain overall.

Could very well uncheck all the boxes in that for each of them to ensure they will be idle most of the time. Just a guess and possible maybe way to go about it. Unsure if would work, but worth a shot.

It was an idea that came to mind while reading what you put…

I didn’t, as I didn’t care whether they did anything in that square or not…being I wanted them dead (for the tombstone). The second round of victims managed to get all the way to level 6 before dying of starvation.

Gaining experience for just being present at the battle was something added some time ago, so that all the combat units can level up on par. And they also gain exp by patrolling.

But it’s true that they’re quite far away from the battle in your screenshot. I wonder if you could lock them in a house (with the engineer’s lockable doors) and then demote them. That way they wouldn’t get experience.

I don’t know if this is something we want to change, let me ping @Brackhar for thoughts.


It would be great to have an option to send a citizen away in order to get a new one that fits a needed role more. I find it heartless to kill your Hearthlings.