Retaining xp when switching to another class

Due to me playing on hard mode I have to switch some of my people to footman to prepare for the up coming attack. This has made it difficult in to level up my black smith due to my town being far away from mountain area. Would it be a good idea to make it so my peeps can switch from one class back to another class and still have the same amount of xp they had in that field prior to switching.

It just doesnt make that much sense. But then again im not sure if some people enjoy this kind of challenge. It frustrated the hell out of me when I realized this was happening.

This system is in place to make the decision on a hearthlings job somewhat meaningful, if i’m not mistaken. I basically never chenge the jobs of my hearthlings.

I don’t really understand your issue woth getting to the mountains, but perhaps you could build a wall on both sides of the path, to make it more secure?


I built a underground tunnel for safe passage I to the mine so safety isnt an issue. But it just takes a long time to get the ore I need (I made a suggestion of mine carts for fast travel). I agree with you on the meaningfulness on job selection. Its just every now and then I need extra solders to keep my town safe so I have to recruit a few people as temporary soldiers. This has made it so I havent been able to level my blacksmith.

Ok, i understand. Perhaps you should just get more full-time soldiers though, as new recruits won’t cut it anymore in later game stages anyways.

I think my big problem was setting my camp to far away from a source of stone and ore. I already have 2 clerics 4 footman and 2 archers as full time protectors. They still arent enough to handle the waves of enemies at times. Cant make better gear due to my blacksmith not being able to make stuff. Most likely a flaw on my part.

P.S. to the makers of this game, GREAT JOB!! I love it thank you so much.

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How about you set the smith’s workshop and a few chest up inside the mine for now, that should allow him to level up much faster.


For retaining xp when switching classes, I wouldn’t want that otherwise there would be no real hesitation to swap classes. I’d be doing it often with my crafting classes to beef up my combat classes ad-hoc.

Knowing that the raids are based on number of hearthlings, there should be a decision to either grow your population to move into the next difficulty or focus on stocking up supplies I think finding that balance is key…

As for getting ores for your blacksmith, mining has a random roll to drop ores from stone too. Pretty sure it’s random ore generation based on the terrain and while the mountains show you a little bit what’s in there, you have plenty of stone under you that can have ore veins as well. :wink: