A question about Combat Units

When you promote a Hearthling to Footman and they gain a level their speed is boosted considerably, But when you promote them to an Archer they loose this speed which doesn’t make any sense considering they already had the increase with leveling as a footman, and as well as loosing the weight of all the armor, normally a scout/archer are more mobile, quicker due to the less weight alone, why do they loose the speed?

Kind of a bummer when your footman are way ahead of the others to a combat encounter, have to green arrow (move to location button) them back to the others constantly


Yeah, I really wish Hearthlings got bonuses from the other classes they trained / mastered. It would’ve given the characters interesting depth. E.g. a master geomancer has a passive ability that lets him walk through walls; he is then promoted to a footman and levelled up until he is a master in it, and now you have something like an assassin!


I agree it should be something like this.

Since last I checked they had leveling raised based on previous classes a hearthling has been IE: you have a lvl 6 carpenter then make them a blacksmith, the exp required to get lvl 1 blacksmith will be higher than it was to get lvl 1 carpenter.

Wait, are you saying a non-trained hearthling (worker) would take less exp to get to a level 1 blacksmith then a level 6 carpenter would if you promoted them to blacksmith?

Last I checked, this was the case. I don’t know if they have recently changed it though.

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Well that’s silly, since carpenter at the very least knows how to hold a hammer properly, just a different medium.

Well, you’d need to work through the levels to unlock the blacksmith first for each hearthling. So no matter what you aren’t getting level 1 exp for the advanced classes.

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