Can we discuss (and clear up some questions) on leveling mechanics?

So, someone correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears as if the XP needed to level up is increased after each level, and that these incrementally higher goal posts carry over when a hearthling switches to a new class.

However, it also appears that hearthlings do not retain their abilities from their prior class.

I think there’s a better way to balance that, but I don’t want to get into a deep discussion when its possible I’ve completely missed the mark on how this is working.


That’s what I’ve noticed too. And I agree that it doesn’t make much sense how it currently works. I haven’t done any testing with it but if we have a much higher xp requirement then we should logically get something out of it. Maybe if we kept speed and health bonuses that’d suffice.
To minimize the xp requirement I typically do my best to upgrade my hearthlings as soon as able for upgrades like the cook or cleric.

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Yeah, that’s pretty much exactly what I was thinking. Make it so some bonuses are for the hearthling and some are for the class. So a trapper that upgrades to a shepherd should still get the extra speed and perhaps the expanded inventory, but would obviously lose access to the enhanced traps, etc.

At a very minimum a hearthling should retain the +X Health bonuses, and I’d like to add +X Speed and +X Courage in there as well.


Originally, Radiant’s goal with the current leving system was to make sure you couldn’t raise super-Hearthlings by leveling them up all the way in all the jobs. I’ve repeatedly said that I find this current system a bit too punishing and it doesn’t offer many interesting choices for me, but I understand their reasoning.

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I would like to see something along the lines of a level 6 heathling ( say a trapper) can keep one skill out of all of the trapper skills when he is changed over to a new job…

the same would go if you leveled him or her to 6 in all skills they would only be able to keep one skill per class but only once they hit level 6 in each skill and only one skill per class set of perks. ( no getting 2 or 3 trapper skills fomr training 2 or 3 other classes)

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It’s also had to get a little inconsistent – for example, Clerics use their Herbalist abilities, and Cooks use their Farmer abilities (because otherwise promoting to Cook means nobody farms and everyone starves). So some abilities carry over and others don’t.

I think the HP bonus may always carry over, not sure.

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hum I didn’t actually think of that
I have seen cooks help with farming and clerics help out with herbalist jobs, but…
besides being able to make items I don’t think they get any of the rank one skill perks.
anyone able to confirm or bust this theory ?

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So in that case does it always make sense to promote farmers to cooks? I usually have 1 cook and 1-2 farmers depending on my village size. I wonder if it’s a bit more effective to promote them all to cooks after they hit level 6 farmer if they keep all of the farmer roles/bonuses.
I often have farmers working on other tasks while they’re waiting for fields to grow as my cook is diligently working. Just a thought.

I was an early supporter of the current leveling system, as you probably remember, been awhile.

This topic gave me a good opportunity to dig info the stonehearth smod for specific info that I’ve been curious about too.

The +10 to HP bonus every level is retained across all job changes. This HP bonus looks to be determined by base_human and job_component and may change to race dependency.

As far as experience required to level, I think this was mentioned in a blog post at one point too, there are two different levels being tracked: a “total level” for the overall level of the hearthling and a “job level” for whatever level earned on a specfic job. The equation of experience required to level is based on your total level which is "next_level ^ 1.1 * 100" in base_human.json. The “next_level” means if you’re an Apprentice of Level 0, your total level is 0 and your “next_level” is 1 then the experience needed is 100. If you go from a Worker to a Farmer and get to a level 3 Farmer then the experience required for level 4 would be 460 and the equation would look like this: "4 ^ 1.1 * 100". If you take that level 3 Farmer and change jobs to a Cook, that Apprentice level Cook will need 460 experience because his total level is still 3 even though his job level would be 0 for the Cook.

I wouldn’t promote Farmers to Cooks expecting the cooks to be a proper Farmer class with their buffs.

A 3rd tier class, worker being 1st tier, doesn’t retain the abilities or buffs of the class they promoted from. Example: Cook’s do not have the level 1 speed buff from a Farmer; it doesn’t look to be allowed in the game files and the UI only shows what they had before as a reference for if/when that hearthling gets demoted they’ll have all abilities they had for that specific class prior to promotion.

As far as AI behavior with what a hearthling will do, a Cook has farming as part of their task_group for their AI but gain 0 exp for any harvest action - only the Farmer job has a harvest action giving exp under their “xp_rewards.” This isn’t good for any Farmer still looking to level up as your Cook is basically stealing any potential xp with no gain for themselves. Keep in mind that harvesting for a Cook is at the bottom of his task list and lowest in their priority so if there’s no food queued up to cook, I figure this behavior is only there for someone that promotes their sole Farmer to a Cook to ensure the Cook still has veggies and such to use.

At the moment, I don’t mind this method of leveling. It’s too early to try and balance leveling until we get more classes and mobs to see if we should worry about perks carrying over or not. The experience needed isn’t an issue if you change jobs immediately when you reach the requirement, but it’s definitely not great if you’re level 6 and usually faster to promote a “fresh” hearthling.

After writing this, I’m going to try flipping my level 6 Mason to a Potter and switch between those two jobs whenever I feel like. Seemed a waste to level a fresh hearthling to a level 4 Mason to promote to a Potter as an Ascendant.


I thinknthe levelling is in a good spot. I really wouldn’t want my hearthlings to reach lvl 6 in the first couple of days and currently, this level system is the only mechanic in game which makes choosìng someone for a job a somewhat meaningful choice.

Also i believe it’s fair enough that with advanced jobs, you need longer to level. Learning healing magic sounds definitely more complicated to me than putting some herbs in water.