Hearthling Profession xp reset

When you change a hearthling’s profession it requires the next level’s amount of experience to gain a level in the changed to’s profession, I thought it would be fun if the xp requirements changed back as if the Hearthling was level 1 so if the player invested more micro management time they could reap the benefit of a Hearthling with lots of health (etc), you can do that already but the amount of xp required is a lot and I thought it would be more fun or at least the micro management time investment would be more fun as you’d get quicker results but of course this is a design change and we’re far from things needing balance or iterating on design things but still I thought it would be more fun and an idea for the future :smile:
Hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend :smile:

This has been discussed before, either here or during streams. The whole point of them keeping their level when changing jobs is to discourage you from switching all of your footmen to farmers when at peace, then back to footmen when you need to defend.

Remember, Stonehearth is supposed to be as distanced from micromanagement as possible!

Where I do agree with resetting xp is when second-tier jobs are involved. I.e. currently, the shepherd needs a level 3 trapper for promotion. To get a level 2 shepherd requires a ton of exp, and I’m sure any third-tier jobs will be impossible to level!


im not really keen on this idea, as @phector2004 said, its made to discourage “profession jumping”

this is the only time i think it should reset.