Job level and Hearthling level split

My very secondest of mods.
After I got job/hearthling xp split done for my workers. I thought some people might enjoy the same thing for the other classes aswell, this mod combines my worker mod with job/hearthling experience split for the other classes

Version one should reset the exp needed to level 0 or higher when switching to a new job depending on if you had any previous levels in that job.

for example a level 3 trapper getting promoted into a shepard would only need 100 xp for the first shephard level.when changing back to trapper the experience needed to go to level 4 would be like he never switched. I didn’t balance xp gain for this. so this might be vastly OP but I think it’ll be okay >_>. also this allows you to buff your hearthlings with hp gain because It does not remove hp’s gained on level up.

xp you had in a level before switching is lost. I might check if i can easily add this again for version 2.

It hasn’t been tested much so if you run into anything let me know.

also let me know if you have suggestions or comments :smile:

disclaimer :
this mod overrides the job_component luac all the class luac’s and the worker job description json

version 1 : Dropbox - jobhearthlingxpsplit.smod


That’s a very useful mod, thanks for making it :smiley: