Unusually High Experience Requirements?

So I noticed its been longer than a few days and my herbalist hasn’t leveled up…
Is this normal?


Have you leveled up anything else on that particular hearthling? The experience requirement will continue to grow as some stat bonuses (health, in particular), carry over even after switching jobs.

ah, yes. I think this used to be a shepherd. didn’t realize it makes gaining levels in the new job as if its a level 6 job though

I’m really not a fan of having the experience requirement be this high when I just made a mistake of forgetting to have clerics before adding more farmers… now its going to take me like a month of game time to get to level 2

though if you switch back to a Shepard. then you do keep your Shepard levels as well. so really you could just use someone else rather than a high leveled Shepard.

the problem is I want my cleric to have a high spirit attribute.

why not just wait for a new hearthling to join?

this happens to be the only hearthling out of 28 that has level 6 that is not already a cleric or a shepherd