Completely broken game

I had 2 warriors that got killed so I rescued them I had a herbalist that wouldn’t heal them, then all they picked up as a weapon level 4 foot man and a level 5 i had bronze armor bone weapons helmets Potion for them to heal bandages .Guess what they do, they go pick up a wooden sword and go into battle running straight to the enemy goblin town and die. I tell the villagers to defend the town 1 fights the goblins the rest run around screaming being useless. What is this? I haven’t played for about 10 months and this is how the gameplay is? What a waste of money.

What version is this game in currently?

Obviously, you haven’t updated your game either, as well as am playing off an old save. Check your version, as well as try a new game before you decide to be rude about it.


You can tell your warriors not to do their job so they take the time to heal, if you dont they’ll run to their own deaths.

Well, considering he’s smart enough to jump to conclusions within a assumable 20munites of gameplay i think he’s too smart to listen to any feedback or know what a bug report is

Also, he didn’t even finish off the camp considering the footmen had targets to run to, meaning he either had to cheat to get them out, or well, get everyone killed tryiny to rescue them


The funniest part is that he joined Stonehearth Discourse just to post this.


First off your herbalist will only heal the hearthlings if they’re in the blue rescued state, and the items herbalists use are a HoTs (heals over time), there’s a cooldown before they’ll apply another one I believe. (edit: another forum goer pointed out the herbalist does its healing at 30% or less health, I’m still a bit confused about how this has all changed. Sorry if my statement is misleading.)

Secondly, if your soldiers died they dropped all their equipment. You have to select the equipment with the loot tool and recollect it before they’ll re-equip all that stuff. So because you hadn’t collected the equipment they lost, they went for the next best thing you had in storage which happened to be wooden swords.

The rest of your hearthlings were likely damaged and/or had low spirit when fighting the goblins, so they’re not as brave and won’t stand to fight. It sounds like everything was working the way it has been and ya just had some bad luck.

Here’s hoping your next game goes a bit more smoothly!! :merry:


No matter how @Paper handles his/hers emotions towards an obvious negative experience with playing the game, there is some truth to the critisism!
Attacking a person with insults for speaking his/hers opinion is no more constructive than the OP?
Anyone that claims that stonehearth at the moment is working perfect, needs to take a step back from the pc and rethink what their dreams about SH really is…

I am sure that the developers can defend their descisions and work with arguments most players have no knowledge of at this point? And the feedback, no matter how harsh it may be, is of great value to them!

But with this said, i agree that writting a post like this in the state of frustration is not the best way to get a fruitfull communication going… Neither does the already established communitys respons to a new discourse member with a negative respons, bare a hope for a positive platform in the future?

I hope you all will have a great weekend and remember to hug a tree or let a spider live its life :jubilant:


Off to hug a spider.


Hm, i guess you’re right, as much as a… thing that guy is, i did react rather brashly, thanks for pointing that out

Also, i love spiders, non will die in my hands, so i will proceed to hug a tree


You never really wanted to play this game, did you @Paper? I hope you find some other game that can fulfill your expectations, take care :slight_smile:


Wow @Fornjotr you’re like a saint or something, i’m not famous among friends to be hot tempered or anything, i’m actually know to be passive, but ignorance, disrespect and arrogance just ticks me off!

I will now proceed to hug another tree
And go meditate (it’s been a while, maybe that’s why this post particularly bothered me, bad timing)


I think @Logo provided a very good answer already, so let me just add some minor tipps:

If your military units have “Job” ticked as an activity, they will attack anything that comes close to your town or into their vicinity, if you want to temporarily prevent this behaviour, untick “Job”, they will then only attack targets you manually tell them to attack.

Use the above in combination with the “Town alert mode” while you’re training up your Herbalist to become a Cleric in order to cut your Footmen some slack in case they are getting a little low on health.


Guys, let this topic die. He never wanted help in the first place, he just wanted to hate and spread it here. A very simple form of troll. He complain about toxic community but in the end he is the one spreading toxic behavior, I could go as far as say that his goal is to ruin communities for fun.