Stockpile Filtering and Pathfinding Issue (and One More Bug)

No mods, no chrashes, game’s running smoothly on a mediocre laptop with Intel i7 processor.

I’ll try to describe the issue.

You have one or more stockpiles that you can pile gold. A Hearthling picks up the gold chest to move and you pause the game.

While the game was paused, you create a new zone that you can pile gold and unfilter wealth in every other zone you’ve created but the new zone.

Hearthling carries the gold chest all the way to one of the old zones. After dropping the gold chest, picks it up again to brings it to designated zone which you’ve created while the game was paused.

A workaround I thought is that; after unpausing, if AI is restocking and has an item in it’s hand, it will search for appropriate stockpiles for the item it has at the moment.

While this may be a “bug”, I’ll be honest that it would be a huge performance hit if a Hearthling was constantly checking if the item he/she was carrying could still go where he/she is pathing to. Will see what @Ponder or @not_owen_wilson think…

What if a Hearthling checks the path and filters again only when you unpause the game or designate a new drop zone if Hearthling is carrying an item that matches with filters?
Like, we have a script that makes our hearthlings check for that and it runs on the pause menu and on the drop zone, not on a Hearthling and not constantly.
A Hearthling’s scripts stop working in pause menu, right? So that won’t be much of a workload.

And I encountered one more bug.
When you dig a tunnel underground, if there is an enemy on the surface and has a crossing Y axis with miners, your guards attack the enemy no matter what as if it’s in your village.
Since Stonehearth isn’t installed on this laptop, I thought I might not be clear and I did a masterpiece about this bug in MS Paint, here you go:

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Honestly not sure…I know that when I played prior to A15 (I have a 4 y/o PC at this point), the game would “finish” thinking when I paused the game. One of the devs can likely give more info…