Looting/Gathering issues (hearthling's area of work)

I’m playing stonehearth alpha 11 and 12 and iv’e noticed that once I have a large town the items are usually far away and I need them to get them but there’s a problem with that. There is no tool that will tell hearthlings to go get items unless it’s an enemy’s items. Also when I do tell hearthlings to go do something they can’t do it because the objective is too far away and they can’t reach it. This may be a problem to many users, and just haven’t pointed it out yet.

The best way I’ve found to get Hearthlings to pick something up is to build a container down near the item and set the filter to that type of item. Then when the item’s been picked up, move the whole container back to home base.

current AI and pathfinder just cant handle the distance. make partys and try sending working out. othereise keep towns smalls. thats my best strat right now