Problem with looting

I got a problem with my citizens who are not really willing go take up any of the loot that I got from the killed enemies even
if it is needed.

i believe it has the lowest of priority. Perhaps placing a storage nearby and letting your villagers not do anything at all. Had this to when villagers had to walk allong way

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@Doc_Brano I think you are correct. My observation is that Hearthlings are more likely to pick up loot if there is a stockpile or crate close to them (say within 20 blocks)

Looting is a very low priority but the distance to the loot is also a factor. I hope that we’re eventually able to adjust priorities via an in-game menu but that’d be a feature I could see them adding after core functionality.

In the mean time, the best solution I found is to send out a combat unit with their Job disabled and a chest dropped off that’s set to All. Once the soldiers arrive, their AI will trigger their haul task for the chest. Depending on the amount of loot, this can take a few trips as hunger or sleep will have them walking back to food or a bed.


It is kinda scary to to order them to go that far away and sometimes when i order my soldiers to go fight some of them like to stay behind the walls and stroll through the farms, it is not so bad when it is archer but when my clerics decide not to take part in combat it’s scary.