Prioritizing Loot

Pretty self explanatory

no it’s not. Maybe in suggestions, but not in gameplay.

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Maybe just allow soldiers to loot the place they fight ?
Technically the soldiers will be the closest and they generally/most of the time come home after fight so taking the loot on way back seems legit ?

Jup. tried it out. Adding the ai_packs to pick up / bring loot into stockpiles works kinda. they pick it up SOMETIMES. now you just have to get it done by yourself :smiley:

You have to micro manage to do it currently, but they can already do that. After combat is done, pause the game and open the Citizens window and click the job box off for the combatants you want to start hauling. They should go for the nearest items that need to be hauled, unless they’re hungry or sleepy (that’ll take priority). If you’re comfortable with your town’s security you can even send your squad out to an area with items and change their job status to start moving those items closer to town. It’s tedious, but could spare your non combat hearthlings the danger of venturing too far from the safety of town.


I’ll write this here and not in the other thread because it is loot specific.
I’m also experiencing problems with loot picking. It seems to have the same priority as normal hauling. It even seems to be the same task! I hope it is not so.
Normal hauling should have a low priority, being one of the last task to be selected, but looting needs to have a very high priority.
As it stands now the hearthlings start picking up things when they have finished their other more important tasks. They start with the things that are near them and move farther as they get collected. This leaves the loot, which is usually the farthest, to be the last one picked up. I have seen cases in which the hearthlings went to collect it up to three days later. By that time many more enemies have spawned turning the task of looting a very dangerous one. And much more loot had been produced too. I ended up having to stop all tasks inside the settlement in order to clean up the mess.
After suffering this situation several times I decided to stop collecting loot altogether. Using the console to destroy the loot produced so that it wouldn’t accumulate or cause a poor hearthling to venture outside safe walls unnoticed. Eventually I even stopped sending the army outside only fighting those groups able to break doors and only once they reached the gates. Close to home.
It was then when I discovered that the teleport command from the console had other uses on top of saving hearthlings and pets trapped in impossible places. Now my army goes out again and fights the local fauna as they used to. Loot is then teleported close to the settlement and left there for the hearthlings to pick up whenever they find convenient.

Although this is a solution for the time being it is still a cheat. Loot should have a high priority and be collected as soon as possible if not immediately. In my opinion second in importance to crafting/farming (profession related tasks) and more urgent than building, harvesting or mining (player given orders). What do you think?

Have fun, Kyth.

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When there is a bit of loot far away from my settlement, I just place a crate there and open it to all. Then, when the loot is picked up, I just have the crate moved into my area and change the filter to none. As long as the items in my farms and logging and mining are being kept up with, the hearthling usually pick up the loot fairly quickly.

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A side solution/improvement could be to get a way to accelerate gathering/harvesting/collect loot, by adding “backpacks” or whatever solution could improve the inventory size of an hearthling (new clothes for example) ( their is plenty of topics about that )

This could ( I think ) improve the general collect and, because the area will be clean hearthling will have to go for the loot more quickly.

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